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Uterine myomaWhat is the uterine myoma?

The uterine myoma is a benign formation of the smooth muscle of the uterus in the uterine wall. Myomas can be of different sizes, they can have several, usually slow-growing and no symptoms. Myomas, which does not cause complaints, does not need to be treated. Uterine myomas is a very common illness. 25% of women with uterine myoma have symptoms and will require treatment in the future. Uterine myomas can be grown separately as a single node or at the same time several. Myomas is the most common cause of uterine surgery.


Uterine myomaWhat are the symptoms of uterine myoma?

The following symptoms may occur in the case of uterine myoma:

  • Increased or prolonged bleeding during menstruation
  • Pressure or pain in the pelvis
  • Weight gain or abdominal weight gain
  • Pressure feelings in the bladder or intestine
  • Discomfort during the relationship



When to treat?

When to treat?Uterine myoma should be treated if it causes any of the above complaints, or the entire uterus increases until sizes, which corresponds to at least 12 weeks of gestation.