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Breast surgeryIf a woman finds any suspicious form, any other changes in the chest are found, or if something is suspicious found during the mammographic examination, then our specialists will, in outpatient settings, clarify if the formation is dangerous and requires additional examinations or, conversely, will be able to calm you down. As a supplementary examination, puncture is used for cytological or histological examination in ultrasonography.

Breast cancer symptoms:

  • Breast surgeryformation in the breast
  • formation in the armpit
  • breast nipple discharge
  • any changes in the shape of the breast
  • any changes in the skin of the nipple that have not previously occurred
  • pain and increased chest sensitivity is not a symptom, however, it would be desirable to show the doctor if it is not related to the menstrual cycle and has not been previously. If necessary, we perform blurred diagnosis of breast formation.