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Breast testsBreast is a symbol of femininity, mother and health. We invite you to take care of your breasts with the best specialists in Latvia, Prof. Janis Eglītis and Dr. Eglis Purmāls. It is important to observe breast self-examination:

  • do it regularly once a month for women of childbearing age in menstrual cycles 10-12. day from the first menstrual bleeding day
  • For women during menopause, on a freely chosen day, which is easier to remember
  • It is advisable to start from the age of 25 in order to become accustomed to the natural structure of your chest
  • feel completely both breasts
  • visually inspect the mirror for any changes in the shape of the breast or on the skin
  • there is no significant direction or order in which the breasts are toched