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Gynecological operations

Ginekoloģiskās Operācijas - Veidi, Jautājumi un Atbildes | Onkoklīnika

Dr.Mačuka Operative Gynaecology clinic offers various types of laparoscopicgynecological operations, which allow to recover in a very short time with minimal surgical trauma. After ovarian cyst surgery, patients are allowed return home on the same day after a few hours, as soon as the patient feels good.

After major surgery, during which we perform uterine myomas eruption, or so-called conservative myomectomy, or after complete uterine incision, as well as slip-correction surgery, patients are prescribed to return home on the next day.

Usually, patients after large-scale operations are already able to stand up and walk during the same day they had a surgery. It clearly represents the advantages of laparoscopic operations in relation to open surgery operations.

After laparoscopic surgery, a slight discomfort lasted about one week, which is a significant advantage over classical surgery.

The cost of surgery in our clinic is lower to comparing other private clinics, because we can offer partly state-sponsored treatment, where the patient pays only for increased service.

Laparoscopic ovarian cyst and similar surgery price: 300 eur

Laparoscopic womb surgery price: 355 eur

Dermatogenetic surgery with insertion of a modern material (Dyna Mesh): 1200 eur

Surgical operation of complicated laparoscopic uterine myoma with the preservation of the womb: 1500 eur

All prices quoted for the whole package of services include both the cost of surgery, hospital stays, meals, and pre-surgery physician screening.

All costs of standard gynecological oncology operations are: 1500 - 2000 eur​​​​​​

Gynecological operations

Gynecological operations

The surgery is carried out by an experienced, operating gynecologist Ronalds Mačuks:

  • 10 years of work experience at the Latvian Oncology Center
  • Specialization in oncological surgery and minimally invasive laparoscopy


  • Charité Clinic in Berlin, Germany
  • RadiumHospital in Oslo, Norway
  • Uppsala Clinical University Hospital, Sweden
  • Bashkate Clinical University Hospital in Ankara, Turkey

Ronalds Mačuks