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5 Healthy Nutrition Principles From an Oncologist’s Point of View

The doctor of medical sciences, gynecologist of oncology, Ronalds Mačuks, from private oncology clinics "Onkoklinika" (Tallinas street 1, Riga) shares his opinion about healty nutrition principles.

It will not be exaggerated if I say that almost every second patient asks after a long-term operation: "Doctor, what should I drink now after treatment?", "What do you think of ground fats?", "What can I do now for my health?" .
Most simply, if I see that a person is still physically and mentally active, I can recommend him to read the book "The Lifelong Opportunity. Anticancer ". This is the best that is written in Latvian for us, people with Western thinking. With this, I am thinking of the references in the book to reliable studies on the health effects of food and life. There is not one magical herb that you can buy for a lot of money and get a good health. No earth fat, no beetroot glands, no one else will help if a person continues to live like he or she was living before they had disease. It is much better to choose prophylactically to do everything possible to avoid oncological diseases as much as it is possible. Oncological illness or cardiovascular disease is the inevitable result of aging, but with the right lifestyle we can try to keep it in distanced from us.

Spring is a great time for everyone to change something into their lives, so I will give 5 simple suggestions that will greatly improve your health:

1. My strong belief is that we need to eat less food, that is the first recommendation - just to eat less. For a person to function literally, it is enough to have a handful of rice a day, unless the work involves a lot of physical effort or heavy workouts.
2. The same applies to fatty, sweet and salted dishes - as little as possible.
3. In the place of unsociable and unhealthy food, I recommend the gradual introduction of turmeric in the menu, drinking it regularly with milk or putting it at the rice, lentils, it can be added to almost everything. Usually rice and lentils are the foods that are easiest to adopt and start using curcuma daily.
4. No matter how hard it is, it should be done, at all costs, it should be reduced, or even better, completely abandon the meat dishes. The assertion that without eating meat, a person is unable to absorb the necessary nutrients, or if he does not develop muscles, absolutely does not withstand criticism. Look at bovine animals - horses, mules or other herbivores, but nobody has ever fed them with meat. When eating meat, unnecessary fat is taken up, and high protein content is one of the reasons for the more frequent development of colorectal cancer among carnivores.
5. What you can and should eat without restrictions is vegetables and salads in all sorts of ways. They also greatly help reduce the sense of hunger. The food may seem like a peel in the beginning, but it is temporary, because in a couple of weeks the taste buds adapt and new, unforeseen flavors appear. It should be added to vegetables, only you should not fall in love whit are fried potatoes, this will not be the solution to the new-healty way of life.

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